The 7 roles of a teacher, part 2: THE CAPTAIN

The 7 roles of a teacher, part 2: THE CAPTAIN

A good pre-school teacher must also be like a CAPTAIN. You are usually in the centre of the classroom and the centre of attention for your students. You have to be the leader, who gives clear instructions and behaves confidently while organising tasks. It is a skill which comes with experience or, if you do not have much, it requires planning and preparation.

If you add a bit of soldier-like training and your students have to obey some commands it will be both fun for children and beneficial for the sake of organising tasks.

How to be a good CAPTAIN?

  • Give clear instructions supported with mime and gesture
  • Plan how to organise a task
  • Speak in a confident, energetic way
  • Demonstrate new tasks in a clear way
  • Do not change rules or ways of performing tasks (it may confuse your students)
  • Model actions and language where necessary so that students can copy you
  • Introduce ways of doing activities (the position of the students, typical steps to follow, typical instructions) and practise them. Students should reach the point where they know what to do when you call the name of the game or task

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